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  • Taking a detention register
  • Adding a detention linked to a behaviour incident
  • Issuing a detention not linked to behaviour
  • Editing and deleting detentions
  • Scheduling detentions
  • Generating rule based detentions
  • Reporting on detentions
  • Contacting parents


Before you can use the Detention or Removal systems in PARS, you will need to create some slots e.g. "SLT" detention or "Isolation". This is done using the configure time types page in PARS.

When pupils are placed into detention or removal, PARS will create a register for them. PARS comes with four attendance marks that can be used in detention or removal registers, but you can create extras if required. To do this, go to the configure statuses page.

If you are going to send letters home to parents regarding detentions or removals, then you will need to import the letter designs into PARS. The letter designs must be written in html markup, so our programmers will produce these for you free of charge. You will first need to send us a mock-up showing how you would like the finished letter to look. We will then send a file back to you which you can import into PARS via the slip designer.

Rule based detentions can be used to automatically place pupils in detention for hitting certain criteria e.g. 3x late in a week. Follow the link for instructions on creating rule based detentions.