Mark pupils for detentions

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Detentions / Removals
Mark pupils for detentions / removals

When a pupil is to be placed on detention or removed from a lesson there are two stages: they must first be "Marked" for a detention or removal and then the detention or removal should be scheduled for a specific day. PARS can automatically schedule pupil's for detentions, or a user may manually schedule for a particular day. (This is especially useful if parental consent is required).

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Detentions / Removals > Mark pupils for detentions / removals

Adding a detention

First select the type of detention or removal you want to place the pupil into by clicking the "Selected timeslot" drop-down at the top of the window. Next click the "Add" button to mark the pupil for that timeslot. You can add a comment by clicking the "..." button in the column header if you wish.


You now need to select the date that the detention will take place. PARS will automatically select the first available date for you. You can see this date and change it if required, by clicking the Ready link. This will open a window as below.


You can move the date of the detention by using the forward and backward arrows.