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Behaviour / Detentions / Removals
Add and modify detention/removal parental consent slip designs
Add and modify behaviour incidents designs

PARS can generate slips to send home to parents, with details about a pupil's behaviour, detentions or removals. These slips will be created by our programmers for you, completely free of charge and to your exact specifications.

This page is used to import the designs sent to you by our programmers so that you can print the slips and/or reports off at a later date.

This page is accessed via: (for behaviour, detentions & removals)
PARS main menu > Behaviour / Detentions / Removals > Configure > Slip designer

The slip designer page

This page will show you a list of all the slip designs currently in your database.


Adding and editing slip designs

To import a design that you have received, first click the "Add" button from the top toolbar. This will take you to another page showing some code. Simply overwrite the code on this page with the code in the design sent to you, then give it a name and click "Save" at the top right. You can also edit existing designs by clicking to select them, and then clicking the "Edit" button.


Deleting designs

To delete a design, first click on it to select it. Then click the "Delete" button from the top toolbar - this will delete the design so that it cannot be used again. It will not delete any actual slips that have been generated.

Uploading files for the review

Student reviews often contain images such as the school's logo. These images need to be uploaded to a location that PARS can access when the reviews are being generated. This is done using the Ancillaries button at the top of the Review Designer page.


Click the browse button at the bottom right to find a file and click the upload button once you have selected the file. Sub folders can be created using the buttons at the top of the window to organise the uploaded files.