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Detentions/Extra classes/Removals
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Access to detentions/extra class/removal configuration

If you are going to place a pupil in detention, remove them from lesson or take an extra class then you should put the pupil in a timeslot. This allows PARS to create a register to track attendance and later analyse data using reports. You can use this feature in PARS to create, manage and schedule your timeslots.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Detentions > Configure > Configure time types
PARS main menu > Extra classes > Configure > Configure time types
PARS main menu > Removals > Configure > Configure time types

The configure timeslots page

This page will show a list of the timeslots that have currently been configured. When staff put pupils into these timeslots, the timeslots will appear in the same order as they do on this page. You can reorder the timeslots by selecting them individually and click the Move up or Move down buttons. Alternatively, you can click on the column headers to order all of the timeslots by that column.


Adding and editing timeslots

To create a new timeslot, click the "Add" button from the top toolbar. Alternatively, you can edit an existing timeslot by first selecting the timeslot and then clicking the "Edit" button from the top toolbar.


This should be an abbreviation of the name of the timeslot and must be unique. This is only used by our programmers to create slips to inform parents of detentions, removals or extra classes.

Maximum pupils per slot
The maximum number of pupils allowed in this timeslot at one time.

Requires printed slip
This gives you the option to print a slip to inform parents that their pupils will be in this timeslot.

Schedule only timeslot
The timeslot will only be available on days for which it has been scheduled.

Default to personal
When adding pupils to this timeslot, the Personal option will be selected by default. This means that the person who adds the pupils to this timeslot will be responsible for registering and monitoring those pupils and (depending upon permissions) will be the only person who is able to see and deal with this timeslot.

You can have multiple instances of personal timeslots happening at once e.g. there might be 5 teacher detentions happening at one time. Non-personal detentions, such as SLT detentions, cannot have multiple instances as all pupils go into the same timeslot together.

Scheduling timeslots

Timeslots should be scheduled to indicate the days on which they are available for use. To schedule a timeslot, select it and then click the "Schedule" button from the top toolbar.

You should choose a start and end date - these are the earliest and latest dates that the timeslot can be used. Also choose a start and end time; this sets the time that the timeslot will run.

Next choose which days of the week the timeslot will run on. There is a tickbox to exclude holidays - using this means PARS will never schedule a timeslot on non-school days (as taken from your SIMS timetable). Finally you can define a default teacher and/or room if required.


Once a timeslot has been scheduled, you can click the arrow to the left of its name to see a breakdown of the scheduling. You will be able to see one row per date where the timeslot is available, as well as the default teacher and room if these have been set. If the timeslot has already taken place, you will also be able to see how many pupils were supposed to attend the timeslot.


Deleting and hiding timeslots

If a timeslot has never been used you can delete it by selected the timeslot and then clicking the "Delete" button from the top toolbar.
If you try to delete a timeslot that has been used, PARS will tell you "The time type cannot be deleted"

If this is the case you might want to disable the timeslot so that it cannot be used again. To do this, select the timeslot and then click the "Activate" button. A timeslot that has been disabled will have a tick in the "Hidden" column:


Restrict usage

Like many things in PARS, timeslots can be restricted so that only certain staff may use them. To do this, select the timeslot that you want to restrict, then click the "Restrict usage" button from the top toolbar. This will open a window where you can choose which staff members are allowed to use this timeslot.

Tick any staff members that should be able to use this timeslot. If no staff members are selected then all staff will be allowed to use the timeslot.


Import exams (Extra classes only)

When configuring timeslots for Extra classes you will notice an extra icon in the top toolbar - Import Exams.


If you click this button, PARS will create extra classes to match your exam setup. You can then click the "Import members" to choose a file from your computer. The file must show either the UPN or PERSON_ID of the pupils, and can also show the start and end dates.

The first column of the file must show either {UPN} or {PERSON_ID} on the first row, then the numbers for each pupil on subsequent. Optionally, the second column can show {START_DATE} as the column header, then the start date for each pupil. The third column can show {END_DATE} as the column header then the end date for each pupil.