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Extra Classes

You can use PARS to record pupils' attendance to extra curricular classes. There are several features for configuration and usage which are described below. Each feature on this page has a link to another wiki page that goes into more detail. Each link that you can click is coloured and emboldened like this (you can't click on this one).


Taking registers

When pupils are set to attend extra classes, PARS will create registers for them. These allow to track attendance and uptake of these classes, as well as finding out if the pupils are onsite in the case of a fire. Go to the take extra class registers page for guidance on taking these registers.

Adding or removing pupils from extra classes

In order for a pupil to attend an extra class, they must have a membership to that class. You can give a pupil membership from the edit extra class membership page. Pupils' membership can also be edited or removed from here.

Reporting on extra classes

Extra class reports allow you to analyse how often pupils are attending extra classes. Follow the link for screenshots of the reports available.


Creating extra classes

To use the extra class facility in PARS, you will first need to create different kinds of extra classes such as "Hockey Club" or "GCSE support class". Go to the configure time types page for instructions on setting these up. When creating extra classes, there is a facility to import your exam timetable from SIMS so that you can take registers for your exams.

Custom attendance codes

When taking extra class registers, staff will need to give the pupils attendance marks. There are four pre-set attendance marks that can be used in extra class registers, but you can create additional custom marks if required. Go to the configure statuses page for more information.

Frequently asked questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions relating to attendance. For the answers to any of these questions, please go to the extra classes FAQ.

  • There are pupils with no name on menus, registers, etc.
  • Extra classes are not working this year but did work last year

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