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to access this module:
Detentions / Extra classes / Removals
Access to detentions / extra class / removals configuration

This menu option is available for Detentions, Removals and extra classes and is only found in PARS Connect. To access this page, go to:

PARS main menu > Extra classes / Detentions / Removals > Configure > Configure statuses.

Statuses are the attendance marks given to pupils during detentions, removals or extra classes. PARS comes with four pre-built statuses:

  • No status (no mark yet recorded)
  • Served
  • Not attended with reason
  • Not attendance without reason


Adding and editing statuses

You may wish to use statuses other than the defaults provided with PARS. In this case click the "Add" button from the top toolbar to create a new status. If you want to edit an existing status, then select the status then click "Edit".


Statuses need a name e.g. "Late" or "Cancelled" - this is the attendance mark that will be given to the student. Like attendance codes, you should indicate if your status means that the pupil was physically present and whether they were statistically present.

Deleting and hiding statuses

If a status has never been used you can delete it by selected the status and then clicking the "Delete" button from the top toolbar. If you try to delete a status that has been used, PARS will tell you "This code has been used and cannot be deleted".

In this case you can hide the status instead, so that it is not used any more. To do this, select the status you want to hide, then click "Edit" from the top toolbar. In the pop-up window select the "Hidden" option and then click "Save".