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Allow user to edit and deal with pupil detentions / removals

Once a detention / removal has been given to a pupil, it must be scheduled before a detention register is created. Scheduling a detention / removal means choosing on which time and date it will take place. Scheduling can be done automatically or manually. This page in PARS is used to manually schedule.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Detentions / Removals > Schedule detentions / removals

The schedule detentions / removals page

This page shows you all of the available detention / removal slots for the week. For each slot you will be able to see how many pupils are currently attending, and how many pupils have outstanding detentions / removals that need to be scheduled.


Pupils will unscheduled detentions will have an empty checkbox next to their name. If a pupil has been scheduled for a detention then they will have a tick next to their name instead. Clicking an empty checkbox schedules a pupil for a detention slot.

The page can be filtered to show only certain detentions, using the Filter detentions button on the top toolbar.

DTsched filter.jpg

How to schedule detentions / removals


When you have selected a slot, a section will be visible on the right side of the screen showing a list of pupils' names. This list is used to manage the detentions. You will be able to see the ground and outcome leading to the detention, as well as any comments that have been added. There will also be a message if the pupil is scheduled to attend an extra curricular class at the same time. There will be an icon of a teacher next to the pupil's name if the detention is personal.

The list is divided into two sections, "Resolved" and "Unresolved". Pupils who are in the resolved list are already scheduled to sit the detention / removal you have selected. Pupils who are in the unresolved list have an unscheduled detention / removal and are waiting to be given a date to receive their punishment.

If a pupil has a cross next to their name, it means they have an unscheduled detention / removal and could be scheduled to sit the slot you have selected. Click the red cross to schedule the pupil - the cross will then turn into a tick.

Likewise is you want to remove a pupil from a detention / removal that they have been scheduled for, click the tick next to their name. Their detention / removal will then be unscheduled and the tick will turn into a cross.

You can click the tick boxes at the top of the resolved or unresolved lists to schedule or unschedule all pupils from the slot.

Pupils who have a 'padlock' or 'no entry' icon cannot be edited.

What do the icons mean?

Schedcross.jpg - The pupil has an unscheduled detention / removal and could be put into this slot.

Schedtick.jpg - The pupil is scheduled in this detention / removal slot.

Schednoentry.jpg - The pupil cannot be scheduled for this detention / removal as they are scheduled to be somewhere else (usually another detention / removal).

Schedpadlock.jpg - An attendance mark has been given to the pupil in this detention's / removal's register. You cannot remove the pupil from this slot.

Printing detention slips

If you have come to the schedule detentions screen immediately after giving detentions to pupils, you will be prompted to print slips for the detention (depending on the configuration of the time type). A window will open allowing you to choose fromt he different types of detention letters that you have in your system.


You can import detention letters via the slip designer page.