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This category contains pages that are technical in nature. If you have recently purchased PARS, then you should go to the Configuration section, below. The technical pages are described in brief, with a link to a wiki page that goes into more detail about each feature.


Installing PARS

If you have recently purchased PARS, the first thing to do is intall it. Follow our Installing PARS Connect guide for this.

Post-installation configuration

You should then read the getting started page. This gives an overview of what should be done before users begin logging in to the system.

Updating PARS version

We regularly release new versions of PARS with new features and tweaks requested by customers. To update PARS to a new version, you will need to run a service pack, which can be downloaded from our website.

Updating PARS from an old version

If you want to update PARS from a version older than 5.650 then you should read the updating from version 5.649 or earlier page.

Allowing PARS to communicate with the internet

You will need to configure the proxy server in order for PARS to communicate with other websites. This is important for your licencing and for sending emails or SMS messages through PARS.

Notes for the beginning of the academic year

You may need to do some configuration at the beginning of each academic year. See our preparing for September page for considerations you should make before pupils arrive in September.


The automation module should be configured as it performs various important housekeeping jobs for PARS. Follow the link to be taken to the automation category.

Import Gmail Calendars

Each user can see their calendar events from gmail in PARS. The configuration needed to achieve this is listed on the import gmail calendar page.

Executing SQL statements via PARS

If our technical team have provided you with an SQL statement and password, you can execute the statement via the repair console. This is rarely needed.

The PARS fire module

The fire module can be used to keep a record of up-to-date attendance data for use in case of a fire. If you plan to do this, you should read the fire module page as there are important considerations to make regarding hardware.

Error messages

If you are any other users have encountered an error message in PARS, it will be logged in the helpdesk tickets feature in PARS.

Technical reports

You can also access a number of management reports which will show some technical information such as table speed tests, login times and attachment reports.

Configuration performed in SIMS

Applying the academic timetable

Applying the academic timetable is a job that will need to be done in SIMS, not PARS.

Taking AM or PM marks from lessons

Many schools take pupils' PM mark from a lesson, e.g. the PM mark comes from lesson 5. You must set this up in SIMS - see Frequently Asked Questions for instructions.


Contacting TASC via email

If you have any queries or need any support using PARS, you can contact us via our Online Helpdesk.

Migrating servers

If you are changing to a new server, you should read our server migration page for instructions about moving your database.

Information pages

connect.ini file

The connect.ini file is an important SIMS file that is used by both SIMS and PARS.

SIMS.ini file

the SIMS.ini, like the connect.ini is an important file used by both PARS and SIMS.

OUTPUT.xml file

Some members of staff may need to send us an OUTPUT.XML file which is generated by PARS and stored in a local TEMP folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may also find some technical issues on our FAQ.