Updating to version 5.676 or later

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When updating PARS to version 5.676 or later, from a version 5.75 or below, there are several steps that must be taken to ensure PARS works correctly.

  1. PARS now requires the Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.6.2 to be installed on the IIS server hosting PARS. This must be installed prior to updating PARS
  2. After installing PARS version 5.676 or later, you should visit this page PARS main menu > System management > Registration preferences. Mapped sessions (where a pupil receives their AM or PM mark from a lesson register) are now configured via the Session Times tab (see this page for more information). Even if you do not have mapped sessions you must visit the registration preferences page once, although you do not need to click anything.
  3. Users who access PARS now require some permissions in SIMS in order for PARS to function correctly. The required permissions are:
Group manager > User defined
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Admissions > Admissions - Common Data
View (All)
Students > Attendance
View (All)
Students > Registration
View (All)
Students > Student Exam Results
View (All)
Students > Timetable and Academic Classes
View (All)

The user will also need to be a member of the standard Class Teacher group.