Datatable migration tool

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Historically the datatables used by PARS were hosted in the SIMS database, but for a variety of reasons, this is no longer suitable. The Datatable Migration Tool (DMT) is will migrate these datatables out of the SIMS database and into a new separate PARS database on the SQL server.

This tool is not to be used when migrating servers. The process for migrating the SQL server is covered on the server migration page.

The DMT tool is only available on request. Requests can be made using our online helpdesk.

Running the DMT

The DMT should only be run on the IIS server that is hosting PARS. The SIMS database must be backed up before running the tool.

To run the DMT simply double click on the .exe file. Several popup windows will appear.



The DMT will automatically detect the SQL instance and database name. These settings are taken from the connect.ini file used by the SIMS workstation installation on the server. The settings must be correct before proceeding.



When the tool runs it will display a log of its actions on screen. The tool can be closed using the door button at the bottom right of the application. Any error messages should be reported to our online helpdesk.