Behaviour FAQ

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There are pupils with no name on menus, registers, etc.

These are pupils who were expected to attend the school this year and had timetables etc. configured. They subsequently have not been admitted but have group memberships left in the database. To resolve this, log in to SIMS and go to:

Tools > Validate memberships

Detentions, extra classes or on report groups are not working this year but did work last year

Detentions and extra classes

You need to Schedule your timeslots for this academic year. To do this, go to:
PARS main menu > Detentions / Extra classes > Configure > Configure time types

You need to select each of your time types and then give them a schedule, by clicking on the "Add schedule" button from the top toolbar. See the configure time types page for further instructions.

On Report groups

For On Report groups, go to:
PARS main menu > On report > Configure on report elements

Your elements will need to be scheduled for this year. Follow the configure on report elements link for further instructions.

Set up heads of subjects for behaviour referrals and grade analyses

Most staff types, such as Head of House, Form Tutor, Head of Year and Head Teacher are configured in SIMS therefore you do not need to do any extra configuration in PARS. However Heads of Subject must be setup in PARS if you wish to send behaviour referrals to them, or for Heads of Subject to perform grading analyses via PARS Connect.

Heads of Subject can be configured using the instructions on this page.

How do I reset all behaviour points back to zero?

This is usually unnecessary. Most reports in PARS can only be run for the current school year so previous points tallies will not be included. The pupil information page is an exception to this, as it can show previous year's data. If you do not want this to be shown, go to:

PARS main menu > System management > Preferences

Under the "Pupil info" section there is a preference called "Only show this year's behaviour on pupil information screen". This should be switched on if you do not want to show previous year's behaviour information.

If fake behaviour incidents have been added for training or testing purposes, they can be deleted using the edit behaviour incidents page. To do this, go to:

PARS main menu > Behaviour > Edit behaviour incidents

Select all pupils in the student selection window, then click accept. This will load a page showing all of the behaviour incidents that have been added this year. You can select all of them using the checkbox at the top left of the page, then click the "delete" button to remove them. Note that this is permanent and cannot be undone without restoring a backup.

Detentions show my name, instead of the name of the person who gave the behaviour incident

Some schools have a system where one member of staff will issue a behaviour incident and refer that to another member of staff (usually a member of the office staff). The second member of staff will then issue a detention for the behaviour incident.

If you want the detention to appear as if it was given by the person who originally issued the behaviour incident, then you will need to update your preferences. Go to:
PARS main menu > System management > Preferences

Look under the detention section for a preference called "Use behaviour recorders identity when adding a detention to a behaviour". This needs to be switched on.

When trying to run rule based behaviours, I see a message saying "A generation process is already underway"

Sometimes you might see a message saying "a generation process is already underway", when trying to run your rule based behaviours. This is because the rules are already running. If this has been going on for more than one day, it is likely that the rules have crashed and need to be unlocked. A common cause for this is if the rules are being run in PARS .net, and the computer doing this is turned off part-way through the process.

To unlock the rules, go to:
Main menu > System management > Repair console

You will need to enter the statement, "TOOL UNLOCKRBB". The password for this is 2DBR. You should always back up your SIMS database before running a statement in the repair console. Once you have backed-up your SIMS datebase, click the Execute button at the top left of the Repair Console screen.

I see a message about "Validation errors" when adding behaviour incidents

This means that there are not Types and/or Outcomes in SIMS to match the grounds and outcomes you have created in PARS. This can be easily fixed via the synchronise setup with SIMS page.