Synchronise setup with SIMS

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Access __ behaviour incidents
Configure behaviour schemes

You can use this feature to import your behaviour structure from SIMS, or export the behaviour structure from PARS into SIMS. This is important as the grounds and outcomes in PARS should match the types and outcomes in SIMS if you want behaviour to write back from PARS into SIMS.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Behaviour > Configure > Synchronise setup with SIMS

The Synchronise page

This page is divided into two columns; PARS is on the left and SIMS is on the right. Each list on the left contains either grounds or outcomes, and there is a list with the SIMS equivalent on the right.


To copy behaviours to or from PARS, first select them from the list the you want to copy them from. Then click the arrow pointing towards the list you want to copy them to. This will transfer those behaviour incidents from one system to the other.