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This page will show a list of a pupil's contacts as taken from SIMS. The user's role options determine which types of staff can be shown, such as academic staff or pastoral staff. Additional members of staff (such as the school nurse) can be added to this list using the additional linked staff page.


There is a role option called "Allow contacting of staff". If this is enabled then users will be able to contact staff using this page you can allow parents to contact staff using this page. A "Contact" link will appear next to staff members' names which can be clicked to send an email to the staff member, using the work email address they have in SIMS. Staff members' email addresses will not be revealed to the user.

The do not contact page can be used to prevent users from contacting specific members of staff.

In order for Insight to send emails, you must have correctly configured the email section on the preferences page.