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The linked adults and agencies page displays staff and/or external agencies relating to a pupil. By default that page can only show academic and pastoral staff.

The Additional linked staff page is used to add more staff, such as the school nurse or SENDCO, to the linked adults and agencies page for users. Staff members added using this page will be visible to all users via the linked adults and agencies page.

Additional linked1.jpg

To add a staff member to this list, click the Add button from the top toolbar. You can then select any member(s) of staff at school. To assign a title to them, select a staff member from the list and click the Edit button.

If users' have been given the role option "Allow contacting of staff" then they will be able to send emails to staff using the linked adults and agencies page. If you do not want parents to send emails to specific members of staff, go to the do not contact page and add them to the list on that page.