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Insight Technical Information

The following features may require some technical knowledge to configure and/or maintain. Most of the settings are available to staff accounts, and all are available to admin accounts.


Feature Description
AD links This page is used to configure the link to the Active Directory so that students and/or staff can log in to Insight using their Active Directory details.


Feature Description
AM charts The AM charts page is used to configure bar charts that appear on the assessments page (users will need the "Show progress charts" role options enabled to see the charts). The charts can either be configured via the AM charts page, or by editing a text file on the IIS server that hosts Insight.

API keys The Insight API is a tool used to extract data from Insight for use in other applications. The API is an additional module in Insight and is managed via the API keys page. Several API keys can be configured, each of which can be used to extract a certain aspect of data from Insight.

Application usage The application usage page is used to monitor various aspects of Insight's performance, to backup the database and to perform encrypted SQL statements.

Batch PDF processes Insight is capable of converting students' documents to PDF, removing PDF documents from the students' files or emailing the students' documents to parents. The setup for this requires some work on the IIS server.

Preferences Preferences are global settings that apply to all users. The settings here affect most areas of Insight.


Feature Description
School dinners (report) The school dinners report is used to troubleshoot any issues when linked a cashless catering system to Insight.


Feature Description
Cookies This page gives information about how Insight uses cookies.

Installation The installation page gives detailed guidance about system prerequisites and the installation process.

Personalisation Various tweaks can be made to Insight, such as the icons used and the colour scheme. Details for tweaking Insight can be found here.

Service pack The service pack is used to update Insight when new versions are released.

Updating SQL and server migration This page details the steps that need to be taken in order to migrate the SQL server or update to a new version of SQL.

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