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Insight Additional Modules

Some features in Insight are available as Additional Modules. For pricing or to arrange a trial of any of the Additional Modules in Insight, contact the sales team on

Feature Description
AD links This page is used to configure the link to the Active Directory so that students and/or staff can log in to Insight using their Active Directory details.

Home Language Translator The home language module is designed to remove language barriers for students and parents. It will automatically detect the home language of the pupil (as taken from SIMS) and if the language is not English, Insight will offer to translate itself to that language.

Insight mobile app The Insight app is licence allows users to download and access the Insight app for Apple or Android devices. Many of the features from the full version of Insight are available in the app.

Insight API The Insight API is a tool used to extract data from Insight for use in other applications. The API is an additional module in Insight and is managed via the API keys page. Several API keys can be configured, each of which can be used to extract a certain aspect of data from Insight.

Learning experience Learning experience is a module that allows students to give feedback about some or all of their lessons. Staff can view this feedback and students may also be allowed to leave comments.

Options offer Options offer is an additional module for Insight. It will automatically pick up the settings from the SIMS option offer section and display this online. Students or parents can select options and this will write back to the Student List Choices in SIMS.

Marksheets The marksheets module allows staff to access their SIMS marksheets via Insight. Since Insight is web-based, it is accessible from outside of school. This means the marksheets module can be a very efficient way of providing staff with the ability to enter grades from home.

Resource booking Resource booking allows staff to reserve rooms or resources on demand.

Surveys Insight can be used to create and publish surveys to parents or pupils. When there is an available survey, users will be prompted to take part when they log in, and the results can analysed.

The following items are all included in a single Additional Module:

Feature Description
Events Events are used to allow users to reserve seats or places at school events, such as talent shows or school plays. Events are configured via the manage events page.

Manage events Events are occasions such as school plays or talent shows where there are a limited number of seats/tickets. The manage events page is used to create events in Insight, for which parents can book tickets or reserve seats.

Parents evenings Parents can book appointments at Parents Evening via Insight. The manage parents evening page is used to create and configure the parents evening.

Manage parents evenings The parents evening module allows evenings to be created in Insight so that staff can make bookings with staff online.

Student events Student events are used where students need to make a reservation or booking. This could be an appointment to careers advice day or audition for the school play. Alternatively, students could book themselves onto a school trip if there a limited places, or a selection of available trips.

Manage student events The student events feature is used to allow pupils to make bookings; this could be to book appointments or to register their choice from a list of options. Students are allowed to make one booking per event.

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