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Student Events is an additional module that allows students to make bookings for events that they would like to attend. Examples include auditions, weekly clubs and careers advice sessions. Student Events is part of the parents evening additional module, which is a bundle that also includes events and parents evenings.

As Student Events is an additional module of Insight, a separate charge applies. Please contact for further information.


The following role options are required to configure a student event:
Manage > Manage student events (On)

Creating a Student Event

A one-off student event, configured for auditions for a play. 10 auditions are available for each part.

To create a new student event go to:
Manage > Manage student events

This section explains how to create a one-off student event (e.g. the event only happens once and there are no related events). For Concurrent or Recurring events see the advanced configuration section below.

Click the Add button at the top of the page. A window will open with two tabs. On the Details tab enter the name of the Student Event in the Description field. Enter the Open and Close dates for the Event, this the date range over which bookings can be made.

If you would like parental accounts to be able to make bookings on behalf of students then enable the Allow parental booking option.

Enter the Number of sittings available to the Student Event. Each sitting has a number of slots, and students will be able to book a single slot. If this option is set to 1 then you will be able to select one or more days of the week. This is used to configure a recurring student event which is covered in the advanced configuration section below. For a one-off student event, please select this single day of the week this event happens on.

Using the Times button to set slot names to match times during the day.

One or more rows will now have appeared at the bottom of the window. Each row corresponds to a sitting. Give each sitting a name and enter the Capacity, which is the maximum number of bookings that can be made for that sitting. You can optionally add further information about a sitting using the Description button.

You can edit the names of the slots by clicking the button in the Slots column. This will open a window showing a list of all of the slots available for the sitting. Each slot can be renamed manually, or you can click the Times button to set all of the slots' name to match times during the day.

Finally you need to decide which pupils should be able to make bookings to the event. To do this, click the Students tab at the top of the window. Click the Select students button and select the relevant students.

Advanced Configuration

Recurring student events

A recurring Student Event allowing students to book a place in the computer room for Friday lunchtimes.

Student Events can be configured so that they are recurring. This means that the event happens once or more per week and students can make a booking to the event each time that it occurs.

To configure a recurring student event, follow the steps for a one-off event (see above: Creating a Student Event). Set the Number of Sittings to 1 and you will then see a button for each day of the week. Select the day(s) of the week on which the Student Event will take place, then finish configuring the Event as normal.

The event will be available on every one of that day(s) over the date range that the event is open. A recurring event cannot be concurrent (below).

Concurrent student events

Separate Student Events can be configured to interact with each other. When a student makes a booking for a sitting in one event, they will not be able to make bookings for sittings of the same name in other concurrent events.

Concurrent events are configured in exactly the same way as one-off student events (see above: Creating a Student Event). In order for events to be concurrent, at least two events must exist and the events must have exactly the same Open and Close date.

If different events have sittings with the same name as each other (e.g. Event 1 has a sitting called "Alton Towers" and Event 2 has a sitting called "Alton Towers") then pupils will only be able to make one booking to either of those sittings, even though they are in different events.

This is typically used where you want students to make selections in order of preference. For example, you might create 3 student events, called "1st choice", "2nd choice" and "3rd choice". In each of these events, the list of sittings will represent the different school trips that the students can opt to attend. The number of slots for each sitting represents the number of places available on the trip. If a student makes a booking for "Safari Park" in the 1st choice event, they will not be able to book "Safari Park" in their 2nd or 3rd choice, although the other school trips will still be available.

Concurrent events cannot be recurring (above). If you have set the Number of sittings to 1 and selected a day of the week on which the event will recur, the concurrent rules will be ignored and the event will be treated as a recurring event (above).


Making Bookings

The booking screen for auditions for the school play.
The booking screen for a recurring event, which takes place on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Parents and students require the following role options to make bookings for Student Events:
General > Student events (On)

The student events page will show each of the Events that are available. Beneath the title of each Student Event is a list of the sittings available to that Event. Clicking on a sitting will reveal a list of the available slots.

For a recurring Student Event, one sitting will be displayed per day of the week that the Event occurs on, during the current week. Users can only make bookings for the current week (Monday to Sunday).

Running Reports

The following role options are required to report on student events:
Manage > Manage student events (On)

To access these reports go to:
Manage > Manage student events

First click on the Student Event that you would like to report on, then click the Reports button at the top right of the page to see the available reports.

Select Report to run a standard booking report. This will show a list of the bookings made for the selected Event, optionally including photographs of the students.

Select the Cross event report to see which bookings have been made for multiple Student Events at once. Select the Events that you would like to report against to see which students have made bookings, and which sitting they have booked into per event.