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Insight Features

The following features are available to Parental, Student and Staff accounts. Click on the name of a feature to view detailed information about it.


Feature Description
Snapshot The snapshot page shows an overview of information about the pupil. Information can include notices, behaviour, attendance, homework, reports and exclusions.

Timetable The pupils timetable for a week will be displayed. The timetable page can also show teacher names, room names and attendance marks.

Personal details Parent and pupil details will be shown on this page, such as telephone numbers, email addresses and medical details. Depending on their role options, users may be able to change these details via the Personal details page.

Notices Messages for the user will be displayed. Many messages can be automatically generated by Insight, such term dates, absence messages and parents evening reminders. Custom messages can also be sent to parents via the notice composer.

Assignments The assignments page shows homework assignments. Homework can be created via Insight, SIMS or [PARS]. If the homework is created via Insight or PARS, emails or SMS messages can be sent to parents and attachments can be added to the assignment which can be viewed or downloaded using Insight.

Parents evening Parents can book appointments at Parents Evening via Insight. The manage parents evening page is used to create and configure the parents evening.

Options offer Options offer is an additional module for Insight. It will automatically pick up the settings from the SIMS option offer section and display this online. Students or parents can select options and this will write back to the Student List Choices in SIMS.

SEN details Any SEND details for the pupil will be displayed on this page.

User-defined pages User defined pages can be created and hosted within Insight. These pages could display documents, web pages or RSS feeds.

Linked adults and agencies This page will show a list of a pupil's contacts as taken from SIMS. The user's role options determine which types of staff can be shown, such as academic staff or pastoral staff. Additional members of staff (such as the school nurse) can be added to this list using the additional linked staff page.

Forums Forums can be created in Insight for parents to use. Threads are created by staff or admin at the school. Parents are allowed to post replies to these threads.

BBC education news BBC education news shows parents the most recent stories from the BBC news site for education.

BBC sports news BBC sports news shows parents the most recent stories from the BBC news site for sport.

Galleries Galeries of images can be created and displayed to users via Insight. Each gallery will appear to users as a new menu item, and will need to be enabled via role options.

ICal export The iCal export page allows parents to download diary events from the school calendar such as term dates, their child's timetable, public holidays and parents evenings.

School details The school details page will show the basic details about your school; address, telephone number, fax number and a map.

School dinners The school dinners page will display the lunch menu for the day as well as what the pupil purchased and how much money is left in their account.

Events Events are used to allow users to reserve seats or places at school events, such as talent shows or school plays. Events are configured via the manage events page.

Student events tudent events are used where students need to make a reservation or booking. This could be an appointment to careers advice day or audition for the school play. Alternatively, students could book themselves onto a school trip if there a limited places, or a selection of available trips.

Surveys Surveys can be created in Insight and issued to parents. Surveys are created via the surveys page and are displayed to parents on the snapshot page.


Feature Description
Attendance summary The attendance summary page will show details about pupils' attendance to their sessions (their AM & PM marks, usually with the form tutor). These are the statutory marks that the government reports on.

Lesson summary The lesson summary page will show details about pupils' attendance to their lessons (their subject classes, not those with the form tutor).

Report absences Parents can be given the option to report absences to school. Absences can be either historic (past) or planned (future). An email will be sent to a nominated member of staff at school when an absence is reported.

Attendance comparison The attendance comparison page will show a pupil's Year-To-Date attendance compared to their form group and their year group. Attendance is plotted week-by-week so parents can see how their children's attendance compares to their peers.

Extra curriculum The extra curriculum page will show details of the extra curricular classes that pupils have attended. This page will only function if you are using PARS as SIMS does not have an extra curricular class section for Insight to draw data from.

Attendance career The attendance career page will show the percentage attendance that a pupil has achieved in each of their terms at the school. Each term will have a bar representing the pupil's attendance so that their attendance can easily be tracked over a period of time.


Feature Description
Achievements The Achievements page will display positive behaviour incidents that have been recorded for a student. It is possible to show or hide comments, and switch on or off most of the columns on the page by editing the users' role options.

Behaviours The Behaviours page will display negatives behaviour incidents that have been recorded for a student. It is possible to show or hide comments, and switch on or off most of the columns on the page by editing the users' role options.

Detentions The detentions page will show a list of the detentions that have been given to the student. If applicable, this page can display the reason the detention was given, the date it is going to take place and the name of the teacher that issued it.

Exclusions This page will show any incidences of a pupil being excluded from school. This information is drawn directly from the SIMS database. If desired, you can decide to hide comments regarding the exclusion or exclusions that have been appealed.

Cash in The cash in page is used to exchange pupil reward points for actual rewards, such as footballs, shopping vouchers and non-uniform days. This is only available if you are using PARS.

Behaviour comparison The behaviour comparison page compares the student's behaviour to their reg group and year group.


Feature Description
Assessments The assessments page shows a list of grades taken from SIMS aspect or PARS elements. The aspects/elements shown are chosen via the AM subjects or preferences page, respectively.

Exams There are four menu items relating to exams: exam entries, exam timetable, exam results and exam coursework. Each will show information about the student's exams.

Key stage results The key stage results page shows a list of the grades achieved by a pupil during Key Stage 1, 2 and 3.


Feature Description
Subjects The subjects page will display some of a pupil's linked documents to parents. Parents can download, print or view these documents online.