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  • Managing permissions
  • Fire module
  • Pupil scan
  • Bulk delete
  • Repair console
  • Automation


Preferences are settings that apply to all users of PARS. Follow the link for details about the various preferences in PARS.

Registration preferences are very similar to preferences (above) except that they only apply to registers.

Unlike preferences, permissions are applied to specific users. This means some users will have different permissions to others. The permissions page explains what the various permissions do, and has suggested templates of permissions that you can use.

The proxy server is needed for PARS Connect to communicate with the internet. See configure proxy server for more information about this.

The subject leaders page allows you to define which staff are Heads of Subject or Heads of Department. It is important to set this up, as the settings here are used for behaviour referrals and grading analyses.

The automation module performs various important housekeeping jobs for PARS. Follow the link for more information about the automation module.

You can import pupils' emails addresses into your database if needed. To do this you will need to have a .csv file with pupils' email addresses in the correct format. See bulk import emails for more information.

Pupil scan is a configuration option used for biometric systems. If you are using biometrics or swipecards, follow the link for information about the setup required.