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System management
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Give access to tools for bulk deletion of data

This page of PARS Connect is used to delete data in bulk. Data deleted here cannot be recovered (except by restoring a backup of your SIMS database. You should only use this page if you are certain that you understand what you are deleting and what the consequences are.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > System management > Bulk delete


This section of the page is used to delete historical notices (which are internal messages). Select a date before which all notices will be deleted, then click the "Delete these notices" button. An alternative means for deleting old notices is to give them a lifespan via the preferences pages.


This section allows you to delete old behaviour referrals. Having large numbers of old behaviour referrals can cause performance issues for the system. Deleting a behaviour referral will not delete the behaviour incident that is linked to it, but does stop staff from picking up the behaviour referral and taking further action with the incident.

To delete old behaviour referrals, you need to choose a latest date for deletion. Every referral before and on this date will be deleted, but behaviour referrals issued later than this date will not be affected. Click the date you want to use from the calendar, then click the "Delete these referrals" button - you will be prompted to confirm the bulk delete.



This section of the page is used to delete grades in bulk. SIMS Assessment Manager grades cannot be deleted via this page and should be deleted in SIMS instead.

You will see a list of grade elements on this page. Next to each grade element there is a button called "View" - click this to see how many grades have been issued for that element.

There is also a "Delete" button next to each element, click this to delete grades in bulk. You will be asked if you want to delete grades only linked to specific subjects, or all grades for the element.


SIMS elements

Elements that have been linked to SIMS aspects can be deleted here. A list of all SIMS elements will be shown, each with a check box. Select the elements(s) that you want to delete and then click the "Delete these elements" button. The element will be deleted, but not any of the grades, which are stored in SIMS.