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Configure grading / on report elements

An element in PARS is the equivalent of an aspect in SIMS; it is the thing that you are assessing pupils on i.e. Attitude to Learning. There are various different types of elements which which have different uses in PARS. You will need to have configured your grading elements before staff are able to enter grades using PARS.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Grading > Configure > Configure grading elements
PARS main menu > On report > Configure > Configure on report elements

The configure grading elements page

The grading elements page will show you a list of all elements that exist in PARS. The elements are broken down into four categories, which are explained below. At the top of the page there are column headers which can be used to filter the page, so you could type "Maths" into the description column to find a list of all the elements whose description starts with "Maths".


The five types of element

In PARS there are different kinds of elements which are described below.


Core grades are used to record grades that pupils only ever receive one of. This would be something like "KS2 entry level" because a pupil only ever gets this grade once.


Gradebook elements are used by staff to create their own markbooks. Once gradebook elements have been created, staff can add extra columns to their grade entry page to record grades about whatever they like - class tests, homework, revision, etc.

Student review

Student review elements are similar to SIMS Assessment Manager aspects. These elements are used for the majority of data collection, and can be reported on using grade reports or pulled into a customised report for parents. Student review grades do not write back to SIMS though - see the SIMS section below for elements that write back to SIMS.


A SIMS ASM element is needed for every SIMS aspect that you want to use through PARS. Any grade entered into a SIMS element will immediate write back to SIMS, and any grades that are entered into SIMS or were already there, will immediately be pulled into PARS. If you do not want/need your grades to write back to SIMS, we would recommend using Student Review elements.

On Report

An on report element is used when a pupil is placed on report card, as part of the behavioural policy. When pupils are on report, they are usually assessed by their teachers every lesson. You will need one element for each of the things that you would want to assess pupils on e.g. work quietly, behave well, etc.

Adding, editing or deleting elements

There are different processes and settings depending on which kind of element you are dealing with. As such, please follow the links below to find the correct wiki page for the kind of element you need:

For Core, Gradebook, Student Review, or On Report elements go to edit PARS grade element.

For individual SIMS elements, go to edit SIMS grade element.

To add SIMS elements in bulk, go to bulk add SIMS elements.

Deleting elements

To delete an element, select it then click the "Delete" button from the top toolbar. You can always delete SIMS elements, as this deletes the link to PARS, not the aspect from SIMS. This means that no data will be deleted even if grades have been entered.

For any other type of element, you will not be able to delete it if any grades have been entered. If needed, you can delete all grades recorded for an element using the bulk delete tool.