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Lesson periods are missing from PARS

If lesson periods are not showing in PARS, you may need to apply the academic timetable.

Deleting data

Grading data and behaviour referrals can be deleted in bulk using the bulk delete page.

Allowing PARS to communicate with the internet

Various issues may arise if PARS cannot communicate with the internet (emails and SMS messages will not send, your licence may seem to expire, etc.) For more information about this, go to the configure proxy server page.

Error messages

Error messages encountered in PARS will automatically email themselves to our technical team. You can see a list of any error messages encountered on the helpdesk tickets page.

Problems when loading PARS

You should check that the details in your SIMS.ini are correct.

You should also check your Connect.ini.

Technical and system management reports

Various reports for the management of PARS can be found in management reports, including log in times and table performance tests.

Contacting TASC Software

If you require assistance or advice, you can contact our advisers using our Online Helpdesk.

Executing SQL statements

If you need to execute an SQL statement, you can do it through PARS using the repair console. Each SQL statement will require a unique password which will be provided to you by our advisers.

Automation troubleshooting

Our troubleshooting automation page may be useful if you are having issues with the automation module.

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