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to access this module:
Detentions / Removals
Access to detentions / removals section
Allow user to edit and deal with pupil detentions / removals

This screen can be used to find information about existing Detentions or Removals and can also be used to edit/delete this information. If a detention or removal is linked to a behaviour entry (e.g. a demerit) then information about the linked behaviour can also be accessed and edited from this page.

To access this page, go to:
PARS main menu > Detentions / Removals > Edit Detentions / Removals > Edit Detentions / Removals

The edit detentions / edit removals page


Adding a detention or removal

You can use this screen to add a new detention, if necessary. Click the "Add" button from the top toolbar to create a new detention, or highlight an existing detention and click "Edit" to amend it.


Choose the type of detention that you want to place the pupil in, and then click the Add button. If you are using automatic scheduling you will have an option to choose the "next available slot starting" - this is the earliest date that the detention will take place. If the pupil cannot attend the detention on that date (because the detention is not scheduled on that date or because the pupil is already scheduled for another detention) then PARS will use the next available slot after that date.


After you have chosen what kind of detention to give to the pupil, you can select the following options:

If a detention is personal then you are responsible for taking it. Only the pupils that you give personal detentions to will appear on your detention register.

You can add a comment to the detention, which will be visible on the detention register and in detention reports.

You may specify which room the detention is going to take place in. This can also be done via configure time types.

Editing a detention or removal

If you want to change the type of detention given to a pupil, you first need to select the detention and then click "Edit". A window will open where you can see the type of detention currently given to the pupil.


Select that type of detention from the drop-down at the top of the window and then click the "Delete" button - this will remove the unwanted detention. You can then issue the new detention as required.


Deleting detentions or removals

First select the detentions you want to delete, then click the "Delete selected" button from the top toolbar. This will delete any unwanted detentions. You cannot delete detentions that have been Served by one or more pupils and if you select any detentions that have been served, the "Delete selected" button will be hidden.

You can also delete batches of detentions. A batch is a group of detentions that were all issued together at once. You cannot delete batches of detentions if some or all of those detentions have been Served.

Delete selected

Highlight the detention(s) you wish to delete, then click the "Delete selected" button. This will delete all detentions that you have selected, provided they have not been Served. If a detention has been served then the "Delete selected" button will be hidden so you will not be able to delete it or any other detentions you have selected.

Delete batch

If you wish to delete multiple detentions easily you can use the "Delete batch" feature. This will allow yo yo delete any detentions that were added together. When you highlight a detention, if it was added as part of a batch then the "Delete batch" button will appear.

When you click "Delete batch" you will then see the details of all of the detention issued as part of that batch.


If you try to delete a batch of detentions where one or more of the detentions has been Served, then PARS will tell you "you are unable to delete this batch due to some of the detentions being served".

Informing parents

You may wish to notify parents of upcoming detentions for their children - this can be done via SMS, Email or using a printed slip. You can also print slips if the pupil has been placed in removal. You can only notify parents of detentions that have been scheduled and if you are not viewing scheduled detentions, you will not see any buttons to inform parents.

On the edit screen, you will see columns to the right that indicate whether parents have been contacted, and (if you are looking at detentions) when the detention will take place.


You can filter based on these columns, to only see detentions/removals for which parents have not been informed, or where slips have already been printed. This is done using the column headers:


Your list of detentions will then be filtered. You may choose to view only detentions that take place after school where parents have not been informed or had a slip printed, so that you can notify parents of these detentions.

Once the relevant detentions have been selected, the External Contact button can be used to access the External contact feature in PARS, in order to send the messages home.