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Insight Reporting


Feature Description
SIMS synchronisation This report explains why each contact from SIMS did or did not have an account created by the synch process.

Correspondence This report provides a record of outgoing contacts made. This includes generated letters (which of course you may elect not to send), emails and text messages.

Activity This report records everyone who logs on, their IP address and the areas of INSIGHT they visit, and the students they view. The Toggle button allows you to see more information including the student details viewed.

Linked aspects This report will show a list of aspects that have been linked in Insight. Each aspect needs to be linked before the assessments page will show any grades for that aspect. Aspects are linked via the AM subjects page.

Engagement analysis The engagement analysis will show the number of parents or students who have logged in to Insight, compared to the total number who could have logged in. There are options to view different date ranges, or students compared to parents.

Parents evening The parents evening report page will show a list of all the existing parents evenings, including those which are not yet open to booking. Parents evenings are created and managed via the manage parents evening page.

Licence details The licence details report shows the current licence information for the school. This report is also used to update the school licence when an Additional Modules is purchased.

Reports viewed This report shows a list of all pupils within a year group. The report will display whether or not any pupils or parents have viewed each pupil's report, within the date range selected.

Assignment summary The assignment summary report shows the homework assignments that have been issued to each of the subjects and classes. Only assignments created in Insight will be displayed in this report - assignments created in PARS can only be reported on by using PARS.

Assignment summary (staff) This report shows a list of the assignments given, broken down by subject. Each assignment will show the class it was issued to, its issued date and due date, the staff member that issued it and any additional details.

School dinners This report is generated when the first user accesses the school dinners option and reports back whether it has been successful or not. In order for it to run successfully the relevant ini.personalisation file should be in the correct folder and should be able to access the relevant database. If successful the report will show the PATH, SOURCE, Transaction count, Columns (relating to items on a receipt) and Rows (giving specific information about the entries in the columns). If the request is unsuccessful then errors will show for the relevant field.

Data protection This report is used to aid compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

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