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This report provides a record of contacts made. This includes generated letters (which of course you may elect not to send), emails and text messages. Some system messages (such as emails sent regarding resource booking will also be included).


The criteria section is used to set the parameters and/or filters for the report. Once the options have been selected, the Report button is used to generate the report on screen and the Export button is used to download a file containing the report data.

Correspondence criteria.jpg


The results section at the bottom of the page will show the data for the report, if the Report button was used in the Criteria section (the alternative is that the Export button was used, in which case the report will be downloaded rather than being displayed on screen).

For each correspondence, the report will show the username of the user that sent the message, the time and date that the message want sent, the type and status of the message and the actual message itself.

Correspondence results.jpg