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Configure grading elements

Grade Elements

Before Grade entry can take place, at least one Grade Element needs to be configured. Any grade element that uses grades that are not just a percentage, comment or number will use a custom grade scheme that needs to be pre-configured.

The PARS Wiki page on grade elements goes into detail about different element types and their purpose.

If you are using SIMS Assessment Manager aspects to record your grades and you want to continue doing this through PARS, you will need to setup PARS elements to link to aspects from SIMS.

There is a toolbar at the top of the Configure Grading Elements screen, with a number of buttons.

Configure grading toolbar.jpg

Collapse/Expand all

Elements and aspects will appear in expandable menus - use this button to make the screen easier to view

Add new element

Create a new PARS element, or an aspect as they are known in SIMS. There are four different types of PARS grades (more detail below)

Add ASM Element

Create a link to a single assessment manager (ASM) aspect. For an aspect to appear in PARS, it must have a corresponding element.

Bulk ASM Wizard

Create links for SIMS ASM aspects in bulk

Edit element

Alter the setup of an element

Delete element

Remove an element from PARS

Missing grade emails

Send emails to teachers who have not entered grades

Hide/Show elements in date range

Hide elements within a date range from various areas of PARS, including Grade entry screens

Filter unscheduled elements

Filter the screen to find elements that are not scheduled

Filter by review period

Filter out any elements that do not fall within the date range of a chosen review period


Select the dates for which an element is open to Grade entry


Select which form groups and subject classes an element applies to


Define whether certain aspects are available only to specific pupils

To create a new PARS grade element

(See section below for information on linking PARS grade elements with SIMS ASM)

From the PARS main menu select Grading -> Configure Grade Elements. (If you are creating an On report grade element this is accessed via the On report menu item). Next, click "Add a new element".


  • Give the element a unique code and a description. The code should be an abbreviation of the name of the element.
  • Choose whether the element is to be a Gradebook, Student review or Core element (see this page for more info). This step is not necessary when creating On report elements.
  • The element can be restricted to certain year groups by using the tick boxes at the bottom right of the "Add element" screen.
These could be used where an element is to be associated with classes or tutor groups containing pupils from multiple year groups (for example vertical tutor groups or Key Stage classes).
  • Set whether or not the element has a target grade.
If an element has a target grade then the grade entry column will be split in two, enter target grades on the right and the actual grade on the left. You may prefer to create target grades as separate elements (recommended).
  • Set the "priority" of the element.
The priority of an element determines where it appears on the grade entry screen. Elements with higher priority appear to the left of those with lower priority.
  • Click "accept" and schedule the element by dragging a box across the calendar from the start date to the end date then click "Schedule selected dates". The element will be available for use during this period. You can create multiple grade entry periods, by highlighting a second set of dates, and clicking "Schedule selected dates" again.


  • The next screen is where the element is associated with classes, subjects (student review and core only) and tutor groups. If you need to make specific selections of classes then use the tickboxes. If a subject is ticked, then all classes in that subject are selected. If you then tick any of the classes within that subject, those classes will not be selected.


The element can be altered later on by using the "Edit element", "Schedule" and "Associations" buttons at the top of the screen.

The 'Hide elements in date range' button allows a date range to be selected and any grade element that is scheduled in that date range is hidden in Grade entry.

An additional step is needed for On report elements; after one has been created it must be associated with one or more On report groups. When a pupil is placed on report they are added to one or more of these groups.

Linking with SIMS Assessment Manager

ASM linked element are a type of element directly linked to Assessment Manager. When a grade is entered into either PARS or SIMS it appears automatically in the other piece of software. ASM linked elements are a separate type of element to the Gradebook, Student Review and Core element types.

For more information on configuring ASM aspects in bulk, please see this page, or try our training guides:

Linking aspects in bulk:
Bulk ASM configuration guide

Linking individual aspects:

These element types need to have an "Aspect" and "Result set" combination configured that matches an existing combination found in SIMS ASM.

  • From the PARS main menu, select Grading -> Configure grade elements.
  • Click "Add a new ASM linked element".


  • Enter a unique code for the element, select the appropriate "Aspect" from the drop down list and enter a "Priority" number if required (see above for details about the priority).
  • Click "Edit groups" and choose one or more groups or subjects to associate with the element.
  • Use the "Add columns" button to add a "Result set", include a start and end day if required by unticking the "Read only" tickbox.
  • After adding a Result set, click on the column that has been added then select one or more of the previously added groups to associate with the Result set.
  • Add more Result sets if necessary.
  • Click "Accept" once all of the required Result sets have been added.

You can amend the date range associated with the result set by clicking on the column header, and selecting the "Edit" menu item. Additionally you can edit the dates for all elements sharing the resultset by using the "Edit all dates for resultset" menu item, or the dates for all resultsets by using the "Edit all dates for element" menu item.

There is also a training guide available for configuring individual ASM elements (as above). This method is always necessary when configuring aspects that do not have resultsets.

How to configure assessment manager linked grades

Elements highlighted in red

You may find that some of your elements are highlighted in red. This will happen if some grades were entered, and then the element was fundamentally edited. The ability to do this has now been removed from PARS, but if your elements have been affected by this, they will be highlighted in red to inform you that they need to be fixed.


If you see any elements highlighted in red, single-click on them and then click the "Edit element" button from the top toolbar. This will give you a pop-up message like this:


Take a screenshot of that message and post it on our helpdesk. You will need to do this for each of the elements that are highlighted in red. Our technical support team will then be able to fix this for you.

If you have not used or helpdesk before, or are not sure how to, please download and follow this training guide: Using our helpdesk