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Enter grades

Grades can be recorded through PARS. You can then run reports on these grades using Standard grade reports or Custom grade reports, analyse them using key indicators, or generate reports for parents (Customised reports|click here for examples).

Grades entered via PARS can write back to SIMS if needed, or can live in PARS only. In any case, you will need to have configured grading elements before staff can enter grades.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Grading > Grade entry > Enter grades

The enter grades page can also be accessed from within a register, by clicking the "Grades" button.

The enter grades page

The enter grades page has a section which shows the pupils have received, much like a marksheet in SIMS. There is also a section at the bottom of the page for grade entry and a number of buttons on the top toolbar that have extra functions which are explained below.

You may also see information columns immediately to the right of the pupils' names. These tell you:

Column Meaning
F This column tells you if the pupil is eligible for Free School Meals currently
6 This column shows whether the pupil has been eligible for Free School Meals in the last 6 years
P This column shows whether or not the pupil is eligible for Pupil Premium
E This column shows whether the pupil's home language is not English
S This column displays the pupil's SEN Code if applicable
G This column displays the gender of the pupil


How to enter grades and comments

Entering grades is simple. First click on the cell that you want to enter grades into. The section at the bottom of the page will then load the grades that you can use - click on a grade to enter it for a pupil. After you have entered a grade the next cell down will be highlighted so that you can enter the next grade. If you don't want to move down after each grade, you can change the direction with the box at the bottom right of the page:


Clicking on the arrows changes the direction that the highlight will move after you entered a grade. You can also click the red cross button at the bottom of the box to remove a grade (though note that SIMS ASM grades can only be removed via SIMS). There is a smiley face button which allows you to enter a behaviour incident for a pupil if you wish.

At the bottom of that box there is a speech bubble button, which allows you to enter comments for a pupil. Alternatively you can enter comments by clicking in the right section of each grading cell:


This will open the comment entry window where you can free text comments or select from the comment bank.


To enter comments from the comment bank, you can either go to: Insert > Comment, or click the speech bubble button. This will open a window where you can select predefined comments.


In the middle of the window there are drop-down boxes for subjects and types (performance based or target based) - use these to find specific comments relating to your class. The add button will add the selected comment, and leave the comment bank window open. The add paragraph button will add the comment on a new line. The Add and close button adds the selected comment and closes the comment bank window.

When entering comments, you can type the following for mail merge fields:

What to type Output
{FORENAME} The pupil's forename
{CHOSENNAME} The pupil's chosen forename
{SURNAME} The pupil's surname
{HIMSELFHERSELF} Himself / Herself
{HESHE} He / She
{HIMHER} Him / Her
{HISHERS} His / Hers
{HISHER} His / Her
{SONDAUGHTER} Son / Daughter
{TUTORGROUP} The name of the pupil's tutor group
{SALUTATION} The salutation take from the pupil's home address in SIMS

The buttons on the toolbar


There are four buttons on the top toolbar that allow you to view different areas of grading:

View name What is shown
Active The active view shows you only columns that are open right now so if it is Spring, you will not see columns for Autumn or Summer.
Gradebook The gradebook allows teachers to create and record their own grading for use in their class only.
Review This view will show you all Student Review elements that are scheduled this year.
Core Core grades are used to record information that pupils get once and is never re-assessed, such as KS2 levels.
SIMS This view will show you all of the SIMS aspects associated to this class.


Comments can be entered manually by clicking the space at the right of each cell, however comments can also be entered in bulk. Comments can only be batch entered for one element at a time. To do this, first select a cell in the column you want to batch enter comments for. Next click the "Comments" button and a window will open where you can select which pupils to give comments to.


Once you have selected the pupils, click "OK". The process for adding comments is then exactly the same as above.


You can copy grades from one column to another by clicking the "Copy" button, which opens the window below:


Choose the column you want to copy from and to. Then choose whether or not to copy grades, comments and whether to overwrite what is already in the target column. Once done click "OK" to copy the grades. You will only be able to copy grades from one column to another if the gradesets or grade schemes for the two elements match.


The export button will send the grading page to a report which you can then print or save to Excel. At the top of the export there will be a selector that allows you to choose which grading view to look at i.e. Active, Student review, Gradebook or SIMS.


Clicking this shows a log of the grades that have been entered by staff. First click the grade that you want a history of, then click the "History" button. The window below will open:



The grading page will automatically hide pupils that cannot have any grades entered (usually because they joined your class after the data entry period finished). Click the "Membership" button to show these pupils.