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In PARS there is a personal section, which has features that will give you information about pupils. Personal information is areas such as SEN, EAL, Pupil Premium, FSM, G&T, etc. Each of the features in the Personal section are described in brief below, with a link to a wiki page that goes into more detail about each feature. Each link that you can click is coloured and emboldened like this (you can't click on this one).


An overview of one pupil

The pupil information window will give you a range of information about a pupil. You can see the pupil's personal details as well as behaviour, detentions, extra classes and more. IEPs can also be used via the pupil information window (above). You will first need to create one or more IEP designs, and you can then begin recording specific information about pupils.

Reporting on personal details

You can also run a number of personal reports to find details about pupils.

Personal details can also be found in custom behaviour reports or custom grading reports.


Cura is a piece of software developed for recording Child Protection concerns. If you have a licence for Cura, then you can enable a menu item in PARS which will take the user directly to your login page for Cura.


Creating IEPs

If you want to use SSPs, you first need to create templates. A guide explaining how this is done can be done and some examples can be found on the PARS training guides page. Once you have created your template, it can be imported via the SSP writer designs feature in PARS.

Frequently asked questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions relating to attendance. For the answers to any of these questions, please go to the personal FAQ.

  • There are pupils with no name on menus, registers, etc.
  • How do I view or update medical information?
  • How can I highlight pupils in registers with SEN
  • How do we show pupil's preferred names instead of legal names? (or vice versa)
  • I get an error message when clicking the i button at the top of PARS

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