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The Subjects menu bar section showing two Linked Documents

The subjects page will display some of a pupil's Linked Documents. Users can download, print or view these documents online.

By default Insight will display all of the documents that are "AM Linked Documents" in SIMS if the status of the document is public. General documents are not shown by default, but can displayed depending on the user's role options.

There are buttons at the top of the page to view more reports or give feedback. The more reports button will show a list of historical documents. You can limit the number of previous documents shown by altering the role options. When a user clicks give feedback, they are able to type a comment that reflects their feelings about the document. These comments can be accessed via the reports viewed report.

If you find that some users cannot access any documents then check the report preferences; there is a preference that prevents users from viewing reports if they do not have the Pupil Report option selected in SIMS.

Some browsers may not be able to display certain document formats correctly (such as docx or xml). If this is the case, you may wish to convert your linked documents to PDF format which is generally more compatible. This can be done using the batch PDF processes feature.

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