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==Reports Viewed==

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The Subjects menu bar section showing two Linked Documents

The Subjects option in Insight will show some of a pupil's Linked Documents. These documents can be printed, downloaded or viewed online.

The Subjects section is accessed by clicking the Subjects option on the Insight Menu Bar (although Subjects can be renamed using the Roles page).


By default Insight will display all of the documents with a Type of "AM Linked Documents" and a Status of Public in SIMS. Documents with a Status of Private or Confidential are never shown.

There are Role Options that can be used to hide documents which were uploaded to SIMS before or after a given date:
Subjects > Earliest date Documents uploaded before this date will be hidden.
Subjects > Latest cutoff date Documents uploaded after this date will be hidden.

If you find that some users cannot access any documents then check the report preferences; there is a preference that prevents users from viewing reports if they do not have the Pupil Report option selected in SIMS.

  • Report Documents filter

General Documents

Documents where the Type is General Documents are not shown by default but can displayed. To show these documents, use the following Role Option. Enter one or more key words or phrases into this option. General Documents will be included if their title matches any of the key words/phrases. Each key word/phrase should appear after a plus symbol. If there are multiple key words/phrases they should be separated by a pipe symbol (|).
Subjects > Include general documents containing

For example, to show all documents including either "UCAS" or "Application form" you should enter +UCAS|+Application form
If you would like to display all Linked Documents, enter a pipe symbol only into the Role Option.

  • show filtered for years

PDF Stuff

Some browsers may not be able to display certain document formats correctly (such as docx or xml). If this is the case, you may wish to convert your linked documents to PDF format which is generally more compatible. This can be done using the batch PDF processes feature.

  • Hide non-PDFs
  • only after

Report Feedback

There are buttons at the top of the page to view more reports or give feedback. When a user clicks give feedback, they are able to type a comment that reflects their feelings about the document. These comments can be accessed via the reports viewed report.

Subjects > Allow feedback


  • Show attendance info

Grade Summary

Reports Viewed