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The Behaviours page will display negatives behaviour incidents that have been recorded for a student. It is possible to show or hide comments, and switch on or off most of the columns on the page by editing the users' role options.

The behaviours shown on this page will either be taken from SIMS or from PARS but not both. If the PARS Link option in the service controller is selected and the PARS preference "Collect behaviour information from PARS" is enabled then the behavious will be taken from PARS. Otherwise they will be taken from SIMS.

Positive behaviour incidents are shown separately on the achievements page.

List View

The default layout of the Behaviours page is a list view. This will show a list of the pupil's behaviour incidents. Users can order the data in this list by clicking on the column headers. If comments are being displayed, they will appear in a row underneath the related behaviour.

Apart from Type, any of the columns can be hidden by altering the users' role options.


Charts View

If the role option "Show analysis charts" is activated then users will see a tab at the top of the page labelled Charts. This allows the pupil's behaviours to be analysed using bar charts created automatically by Insight.

The charts will show behaviours by type (i.e the reason for the achievement), the outcome (what the teacher has decided to do about it), the class the behaviour was issued in and the behavioural category.

Charts behaviours.jpg