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Access to Personal Reports

Personal reports are designed to provide 'personal' information about students. There are many different reports that analyse and display personal data in different ways - see below for screenshots of all available Personal reports.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Personal > Personal reports



Full SEN report

The Full SEN report displays all SEN data held for one or more students.


Short SEN report

The short SEN report shows a limited amount of SEN information from SIMS.


Gifted and Talented in subject report

The Gifted and Talented in subject report displays information about students who are Gifted and Talented for specific subjects.


Gifted and Talented report

The 'Gifted and Talented report' displays any Gifted and Talented information about one or more selected students.


Student Retention

Retention of students

The 'Retention of students report' displays information about retention of students in a selected Year Group.


Retention by group

The Retention by group report displays information about retention of a student/s by subject.


Subjects taken

The Subjects taken report displays information about the subjects taken by a student/s in a Year Group.


Retention by subject

The Retention by subject report displays information about students retention by selected subjects.


Star Field Reports

Star Field Reports

Star Field Reports can be configured to display various Personal information about groups of students and can be used to also display attendance information (Split by Boys/Girls).



Person IDs

The Person IDs report displays the PersonIDs for selected students.


Parental permissions

The Parental permissions report details of all configured parental permissions for selected students.


Contacts and medical information

This report shows student photographs, contact information, medical conditions and medical contact details.

Contacts and medical.jpg

Contacts and medical info with consents

This report shows a list of the selected pupils, their photographs, contact information, medical details and parental consents.

PERS med consent contact.jpg

Highlighted symbols pupils

The Highlighted symbols report displays details of any Highlight symbols that are associated to pupils within PARS.


Highlighted symbols groups

The Highlighted symbols report displays details of any Highlight symbols that are associated to groups within PARS.

Highlight groups.jpg

Common non-contact time

This report will find periods and rooms during the day when selected staff members are free. This is useful for arranging times and places for meetings.

Common non contact.jpg

Proximity Report

This report shows a Proximity and Joint Attendance figure for students in a class. The proximity number is found by working out the distance between every seat and the pupil's seat. It then scores those in the closest 10% by distance with a 10, the next closest 10% a 9 etc. Joint attendance is a count of the number of times both pupils attended a class for this seating plan at the same time.

Proximity report.png

SSP Usage

This report shows which SSP designs have been used by students.

Ssp usage.png


Rooms in use

The 'Rooms in use' report displays information about room usage within the school.


Rooms not in use

This report shows a list of available rooms, per period.


Room timetable

This report shows a weekly timetable for every room in the school.