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Parents can be given the option to report absences to school. Absences can be either historic (past) or planned (future).

When a parent reports an absence, they must choose a start and end date for the absence, as well as a reason for the absences. When a user submits a reason for a pupil's absence, an email will be sent to one or more nominated members of staff. This facility does not update the attendance data in SIMS.

There are various settings that can be used to configure this page. The attendance preferences allow you to hide the report absences page for students in certain year groups. The email section of preferences contains a field where you can enter the recipients of the message that is sent when parents report an absence.

Parents are required to fill in details for the absence.

Role options can be used to decide what reasons of absence are available to users, and the maximum number of days after an absence has occurred where users are able to notify the school.