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The personal details page can show various aspects of information about parents and pupils. This is great for allowing parents to see what data you hold about them - then parents are able to tell if the data is incorrect and inform you that it needs to be updated. Parents can even update their information on this page, sending a notification to certain staff.

You can choose which pieces of information to show to parents and which to hide.

Student Details


The Student Details section shows key information about a child; their address and contact details as well as ethnicity, religion and home language. Any information that is underlined can be updated by a parent. Parents simply click on the information that they want to update and a window will open:


Parental Consent

The Parental Consent section allows parent to view and alter the consents they have provided. Any changes made here will automatically write back to SIMS.


Medical Details

The Medical Details section shows various details about a pupil's medical situation. Their doctor's practice can be shown here, reminding parents to update the school if they change their doctor. Medical details and medical notes from SIMS can also be displayed and updated as required.


Contact Details

The Contact Details section displays information about the contacts linked to the pupil. This could include contacts other than the person logging in (which can be undesirable, particularly for split-parent families) so care should be taken when setting the role options for this section.


Inform us by Email

Schools often use either the contact details section (above) or the Inform us by Email section, to collect contact details from parents. Here, parents can click the link to send an email to the school detailing any updates they would like to their contact details.