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The lesson summary page will show details about pupils' attendance to their lessons (their subject classes, not those with the form tutor). These are the statutory marks that the government reports on.

Parents will be able to see all of the marks that their children have received, as well as a breakdown further down the page.

In all sections on this page, recent marks can either be highlighted in pink or completely hidden. Many schools find that some registers are not taken on time, and will hide/highlight marks to give their attendance officer a chance to 'tidy up' before displaying the attendance marks to parents. This is configured via preferences.

Week by Week

The week by week view will show a child's attendance, broken down into weeks. There is one column for each lesson during the week and the pupil's attendance codes can be seen in the cells. Each cell is colour coded based on the statistical meaning of each code (e.g. red is unauthorised absence, green is present, etc.)

Next to each row there is a bar and percentage which shows the pupil's percentage attendance for that week (the figures are not cumulative).



The calendar view shows the pupil's attendance for the academic year, presented in a calendar format. Each day represents all of the lessons that day. Each day on the calendar is colour coded using the pupil's worst statistical mark for the day, so green is present, yellow is late, pink is authorised absence and red is unauthorised absence.


Parents can click on any of the dates to see the specific marks given to the pupil that day.


If parents scroll to the bottom of the calendar view, they will see pie charts giving a breakdown of the pupil's attendance.


Code Summary

The code summary will shows a breakdown of the various attendance codes that the pupil has received. This is a good way to see how often the pupil is arriving late, taking time off sick or receiving other attendance codes.


Statistical Summary

The statistical summary shows the pupil's attendance broken down into statistical bands. Each attendance code has a statistical meaning which is shown here.


Attendance by Subject

The attendance by subject view breaks a pupil's attendance down into the various subjects they take. This will help parents identify any subjects where their child's attendance is dipping - perhaps because they struggle to get to school on certain days of the week due to travel arrangements.