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Can we text parents about absences?

No Insight does not have a system for this. Parents will automatically receive an Insight notice about any absences but these cannot be sent by email or SMS. [PARS], another of our products, is capable of sending absence texts to parents (and much more!)

Can parents report absences?

Yes, using the report absences page. The message will be sent via email to one or more members of staff, depending on whose email addresses are entered into the relevant field on the preferences page.


Can we turn off behaviour comments?

Yes. The setting to do so is found in role options. In the Behaviour/Achievements sections, there is an option in each section called "Show comments".


When are results released to parents?

By default, exam results are released at 6am the day after they are uploaded to SIMS. The number of days to hold back the results can be changed via exam preferences. Exam results are always made available in Insight at 6am.

I cannot see the exam timetable in Insight

There are two options under the role options for exam timetable. Try turning the options on and off - one of the combinations will work.

Logging In

What is the default username and password to log in to Insight?

The username is admin and the password is password.

How can I reset a user’s password?

Go to Accounts > Users. Select the account for which you want to reset the password, then click the Edit button. Click the Reset Password button, then click Save. The new password will then appear on screen.

How can I 'switch' account so I can see a parent view?

Go to 'Accounts' > Users > expand the section labelled 'Dynamic parental' , highlight a parent account, then click the 'Edit' button, then click the 'Switch' button

Additional Modules

I have paid for a module but I can’t see it in the menu items

Go to Reports > Licence details. If there is a cross next to the module that you have paid for, click the Refresh link at the bottom of the page. Once the page has refreshed, a tick should appear next to the module. If you still see a cross, please contact our helpdesk.

Once you can see a tick next to the module, check that it is enabled via the user role options.


Some users are not appearing on the password notification page

User accounts will only appear on the password notification screen if:

  • The account is for parental users. Other types of accounts get their passwords from SIMS, Active Directory, etc.
  • The account is activated
  • The account has a system-generated password (e.g. the user has not changed their password)

If you need to send a password to a user who has already changed their password, you can either direct them to the forgotten password box on the login page of Insight, or reset their password manually (see above, "How do I reset a user's password?")

Can I send usernames and passwords separately?

Yes. Many schools send usernames via one method and passwords via another method (SMS, email or post). You can send multiple password notification messages to each user. One method should be used to send the username and a different message could be used for the password.


Can I create accounts for pre-admission students/parents?

Yes. Go to Preferences > User creation > Largest number of days in the future for admission dates of applicants.
This setting tells Insight the number of days before the real admission date, that accounts should be created for users linked to pre-admission students.

Once the setting above is correct, accounts are created for pre-admissions using the same method as fully admitted students. Note that there is a setting for synchronisation rules that determines whether or not they will create accounts for pre-admission accounts.

I want the sync process to run automatically

Go to Accounts > Users. At the top right of the page click Process > Automate. These settings are used to determine the time and type of Insight's automatic synchronisations.

How do I stop users seeing each other’s details?

The personal details page is the only page in Insight which can reveal users' details to other users. You can prevent this using either of the following methods:

  1. Edit the role for the users. In the Personal Details settings, there is an option called "Show Other Users Details". This setting needs to be turned off
  2. In SIMS, edit a contact's address. There is an option at the top of the window in SIMS called "Home address can be disclosed". If this is not ticked, then that user's details will not be displayed in Insight.

Additionally, you must edit the roles for all users. In the Personal Details settings, there is an option called "Show Home Address". This must be turned off as the student's home address is highly likely to also be the home address of a contact.