Engagement analysis

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Engagement analysis

The engagement analysis will show the number of parents or students who have logged in to Insight, compared to the total number who could have logged in. The options at the top of the window allow you to view different date ranges, or students compared to parents.

Engagement engagement1.jpg

Feature usage

The feature usage section shows which pages are viewed most and least by users.

Engagement feature1.jpg


The uptake section shows the proportion of users who have logged in, have not logged in and have had their accounts deactivated.

Engagement uptake1.jpg

Linked but unengaged students

This section shows a list of pupils who are linked to activated accounts, but whose linked accounts have not logged in. These are pupils whose parents could have viewed the information in Insight, but have not.

Engagement linked1.jpg


The logins section shows the number of times each user has logged in.

Engagement logins1.jpg