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The configure galleries page is used to create galleries of photographs that can be viewed and downloaded online by parents. You can create several different galleries and decide who is able to view each of them.

The Configure galleries page

The configure galleries page will show a list of all current galleries. You can create, edit and delete these galleries using the buttons on the top toolbar.


Creating a gallery

To create a new gallery, click the Add Button from the top toolbar. This will open a window which has 3 separate tabs.


The detail tab contains the basic information for a gallery. Give your gallery a title using the textbox at the top of the window. You can also add a description in the textbox at the bottom. This should give details about the gallery as a whole rather than explaining individual photos; captions can be added to photos on the Attachments tab.


This tab is used to upload the images that belong to the gallery. Click the Add Button then browse to the photos that you wish to upload. Once you have selected a photo you can also give it a title (this is optional).


This tab is used to decide which parents will be able to see the gallery. By default the tab is blank and if you leave it this way, the gallery will be available to all parents and pupils who have accounts (although the gallery will still need to be enabled - see further down this page).

If you want the gallery to only be visible to certain parents and pupils then click the Add Button. This will open a window where you can select pupils - click on a pupil's name to select them. You can use the group selector on the left side of the window to find a specific group (e.g. Year 10) then double click on the name of the group to select all pupils in that group.

Once you have selected some pupils, then only those pupils and their parents will be able to see the gallery, rather than it being available to all parents (again the gallery needs to be enabled before it is visible to anyone, see below).

Enabling the galleries

Once you have created a gallery has been created it also needs to be enabled, otherwise it will not be visible to parents or pupils. When you have created your gallery it will also appear in the list of role options. An admin user for Insight will need to go to:
Accounts > Role options

There will be a new menu item for your gallery in the list of role options. The name of menu item will be the title that you gave to your gallery. Turn the option on and Update the role, once done the gallery will be visible to all the users of that role.