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This page is accessed via: <br>
This page is accessed via: <br>
'''[[PARS main menu]] > [[System management]] > Management reports''' <br> <br>
'''[[PARS main menu]] > [[System management]] > Management reports''' <br> <br>
''Click this link to see our guide to using reports: [http://www.tascsoftware.co.uk/wiki/PARS/files/basic%20reports.pdf A guide to using reports]
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[[Image:MANA2.png|900px]] <br> <br>
[[Image:MANA2.png|900px]] <br> <br>
===No all years membership===
The 'No all years membership' report displays information about students that are not a members of the 'All years' group on a selected date. <br> <br>
(If 'No data to display' is shown, this is because all pupils on role are currently members of the 'All years' group)
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[[Image:MANA5.png|900px]] <br> <br>
[[Image:MANA5.png|900px]] <br> <br>
===Teacher membership===
The 'Teacher membership' report displays all teachers 'Teacher' Membership status in SIMS. <br> <br>
[[Image:MANA6.png|900px]] <br> <br>
===Users possibly linked to the wrong SIMS person===
The 'Users possibly linked to the wrong SIMS person' report displays details of any users that could potentially be linked to the wrong person in SIMS. <br> <br>
[[Image:MANA7.png|900px]] <br> <br>
===Login times===
The 'Login times' report displays information about staff login times and workstations. <br> <br>
[[Image:MANA8.png|900px]] <br> <br>
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[[Image:MANA15.png|900px]] <br> <br>
[[Image:MANA15.png|900px]] <br> <br>
===Grade logging report - staff===
===Subject - class links===
The 'Subject - class links' report displays information about existing links between classes and subjects.
[[Image:MANA16.png|900px]] <br> <br>
===Missing component delivery===
The 'Missing component delivery' report displays information about ??.
[[Image:MANA17.png|900px]] <br> <br>
[[Image:050418a.png|900px]] <br> <br>
[[Category:System management]]
[[Category:System management]]

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to access this module:
System Management
Access PARS management options

Management reports are designed to provide management information about PARS. There are many different reports that display various information about a schools PARS installation -
See below for screenshots of all available management reports.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > System management > Management reports



Group membership

The 'Group membership' report displays membership dates for a selection of students from a particular group.


Individual membership

The 'Individual membership' displays memberships an individual student might belong to with membership dates.



Group supervisor

The 'Group supervisor' report displays teachers who are 'Group supervisor' for a class in SIMS with membership dates.




The 'Attachments' report displays information about attachments in PARS (In some cases attachments may be accessible from here).




The 'Performance' report displays information about various aspects that may or may not be impacting performance.


Table Sizes

The 'Table Sizes' report displays information about SIMS and PARS database tables.


Table speed test

The 'Table speed test' report tests the time required to perform various functions against tables within the SIMS database.


Grade logging

Grade logging report

The 'Grade logging report' report displays details of attempts to log grades in PARS.

N.B The Preference 'Log each attempt to save grades' in the 'Grading' section must be enabled for this report to collect data to be displayed.


Grade logging report - staff