How to test Automation is working

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This is a troubleshooting page for the Automation module, which runs on the IIS server as of version 5.621. For more information on the PARS Automation module see the Automation wiki page. For more troubleshooting help see the Automation FAQ.

In PARS Connect browse to:
PARS main menu > System management > System > Automation

Click on the Jobs tab at the top of the page. You will see a list of the jobs that automation performs.

Autom jobs.jpg

Click the edit button next to one of the reports (the button looks like a magnifying glass) and change the time of the job, so that it will run 5 or 10 minutes in the future.

Auto job time.jpg

Now go to the "Today" tab and click the "Force rebuild" button from the top-right. The job you edited should now appear on this screen with an empty white box icon.

Auto upcoming1.jpg

Wait until the job is scheduled to run. If it is in the process of running, you will see a set of circles rotating. If the job has already finished, you will see a green tick. If your job runs successfully, then automation is working.

Auto jobdone.jpg