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Lock.gif| Permissions required
to access this module:
System Management
Access PARS management options
Access PARS permissions



What you see on the Connect Homepage is based on your user permissions. If you require more features to be unlocked then this will be managed by your School Network or data Manager.

  • TIP: Don't forget you can navigate to the previous page by clicking the standard Cnav.jpg back and forward browser buttons as like any other website.

Top Toolbar


On the top of your homepage you will see the quick launch bar and this will be stay at the top of your screen when using Connect


  • Connect MM icon.jpg Main menu: This will give you a drop down list of features available to you based on your User permissions

  • Connect home icon.jpg Home: Clicking this icon will take you back to the homepage

  • Connect reg icon.jpg Register: To take current register click on this icon; you can also double click on your register via the timetable. The Register page contains information about the symbols that appear on the register screen itself.

  • Connect emergency icon.jpg Emergency Alert: Send an emergency alert to a pre-configured group of staff if assistance required quickly. Extra text can be added prior to sending using the 'Accept' button. The emergency group must be pre-configured via group management

  • Connect whereis icon.jpg Where is?: Find a pupil quickly by selecting this icon. Select the pupils name and Accept
  • Connect ibutton icon.jpg Pupil Information: This option gives you YTD cumulative information reference an individual pupil. Some of the tabs here are based on user permissions also

Click 'select a student' button to proceed



Culmulative YTD graphical information for attendance and behaviour


Personal Personal data including medical, travel, DOB, % Attendance .....


Behaviour Culmulative YTD behaviour log



This enables staff also to print the timetable quickly for pupils if they loose their planner!


SEN Any SEN information including Gifted & Talented once input into SIMS can be read directly here



SIMS IEP can be seen directly in here or you can create your own bespoke PARS IEP templates. These need to be created and uploaded to PARS.Net first. See also http://www.tascsoftware.co.uk/wiki/pars/index.php?title=Jenny%27s_training_guides#IEP_-_Individual_Education_Plan



All contact information in SIMS can be seen here - if incorrect, pupil parental/guardian data must be updated in SIMS



Any detentions entered in PARS will be listed here also


On Report

Any pupils On Report configured in PARS will be listed here



Quick link to SIMS extras for various parental consent options from parents/guardians



See a summary and overview of the pupil's attendance.



Use a key indicator template to analyse a pupil's grades.


External contact Connect excon icon.jpg

Click this button to be taken to the External contact screen where you can send messages to parents via SMS, email or Mail merge.

Mobile icon Connect mobile icon.jpg

Switch to mobile view enables you to use a mobile friendly drop down menu for taking current registers, see notice, behavior and grades from your mobile phone

Padlock Connect logout icon.jpg

Click this button to log out of PARS Connect.

Left Side Menu


Your timetable will always be live as of 'today' however you can change date by simply clicking on the calendar shown.



Notices can be found in the left side menu. Messages seen are based on users permissions which could include behaviour referrals, grade reminders, personal notices or attendance notices.


Behaviour, Grading and Attendance notices are those usually sent by a colleague or system generated. Further details can be found within their relevant sections.


This dashboard can be personalised allowing behaviour, attendance or ASM Grade GROUP data to be configured and used for quick access to graphical information. GROUP data could be - for example - house, tutor, SEN, year, user-defined... Once configured, PARS Connect will remember the chart you require.


DRAG a chosen (attendance or behaviour or ASM grades) 'widget' box shown in the menu to the left and DROP to the large space to the right



To do list: Missing registers, Overdue homework, Grades due

Missing Registers

If your attendance staff send notifications for missing registers, you will find them here. Click on the missing register notice and your will be taken directly to the register that requires marking.


Overdue Homework

Any homework added with start and end dates by teachers via registers will be noted here if overdue


Requiring Grade Entry

Due grades are listed here


Group data - Grade Analysis, behaviour, attendance (Year group / Reg group / Subject)

Run grading analyses by groups - either year, reg, or classes. To do this, you must have at least one Key Indicator setup.

Click here to download a document explaining the new grading analysis features coming to PARS Connect.

Charts will show you an overview of the grading for the group you are analysing.

Charts are responsive, so clicking on them will show which pupils are above, on or below target, and which are acheiving certain grades.


Charts reponsive.jpg

Analysing subjects allows you to see how pupils perform in some subjects compared to others. You can identify trends between subjects, teahcers and pupils. Residual graphs show how far above or below a class is compared to their targets, and also whether or not there are any pupils significantly under or over acheiving.

The residuals are also responsive, and clicking on them will open a value added grid for the group.

Subject residual.jpg

Subject residual expanded.jpg

Value added grids show you how many steps above or below target pupils are; it is especially important to identify pupils who are heavily underchallenged or need considerable extra support. Value added grids do this by showing you how far away from target pupils are.

Clicking on the value added grid will show which pupils are at which stage of their learning.

Value added.jpg

Value added reponsive.jpg

How to view a colleagues timetable

You can switch view to a colleagues timetable by clicking on the alias button on the right corner of your timetable



To switch back to your timetable, click back on the alias button and click your own name.

How to add a diary entry

You can also add diary page entries by right-clicking on your timetable.



Once a diary entry has been entered, this will appear on the timetable for that given date and if selected, you will also get a pop up reminder