On report FAQ

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There are pupils with no name on menus, registers, etc.

These are pupils who were expected to attend the school this year and had timetables etc. configured. They subsequently have not been admitted but have group memberships left in the database. To resolve this, log in to SIMS and go to:

Tools > Validate memberships

On report elements are not working this year but did work last year

Go to:
PARS main menu > On report > Configure on report elements

Your elements will need to be scheduled for this year. Follow the configure on report elements link for further instructions.

Staff can't see notifications in their registers for pupils who are On Report

For staff to receive these notifications, there will need to be at least one pupil in the class who is a member of an on report group. There needs to be at least one on report element linked to that group and the element must be scheduled for the date that the lesson takes place, and associated to the lesson. See our configure on report elements page for more information.