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Import/Export of grades

Grades can be imported into PARS or exported if needed. If you want to import grades then you will need a file containing the grades in the correct format.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Grading > Import/export grades

Exporting grades

First click on the "Export" tab at the top of the page. This takes you to the section where you can export grades from PARS. You will see a list of the elements that you have set up (excluding SIMS ASM elements - if you want to export SIMS grades then you need to use SIMS).


The elements are broken down into sections, you will see "Student review", "Core" and "Grade book". Within each section is a list of elements - select the elements that you want to export using the tick boxes on the left.

Next click the "Run" button on the top toolbar and a window will open where you can choose groups of pupils. Grades entered via PARS are always linked to a group, which is usually an academic class. Choose all of the groups that you want to export grades for (e.g. all year 9 art classes). Once done, click "Accept" and your grades will be exported into a .csv file like the image below:


Importing grades

To import grades into PARS you will need a .csv file containing the grades you want to import. The file will also need to have column headers in a format suitable for PARS. There are two easy ways to add appropriate column headers to your file:

  1. Perform an export (see above) for the classes and elements that you need to import. This will give you a .csv file with no grades in, but with the correct column headers. You can then copy the grades onto the .csv file you have just exported and you will have a file ready to import into PARS.
  2. Use the Dress button in PARS to add the column headers. For this method you will need to upload (see below) a csv file containing the grades before the button will appear.


Click "Add files" to browse to the .csv file on your computer. Once you have added it, it will appear in the window with a "Start" and "Cancel" button. You can click the "Start" button to begin uploaded the file - this alone will not import the comments. You can continue adding files if you have multiple .csvs that you want to pull into PARS. Each .csv file that you want to import needs to be uploaded before you can begin actually importing the grades.

If you are going to use the Dress CSV button to add column headers to your file(s) then click the Dress button next to the file you want to add headers to. This will open a window, as shown below. In the window, you need to select one of the options for each column, which tells PARS what is in that column.


Once all of your files have been uploaded, click the "Run" button at the top left of the window to import the grades into PARS. A report will open showing what has been done.