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If you are using houses then behaviour points can be recorded for houses to establish a 'league table'. Points can be earned individually by pupils, which can be added to the house total. It is also possible to give behaviour awards or sanctions to a house as a whole.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Behaviour > House points

The house points page


HP (+ve) & HP (-ve)
These columns show you the positive and negative points given directly to the house, not to individual pupils

House Points
This shows the net total of points given directly to the house, not to individual pupils

PP (+ve) & PP (-ve)
These columns show you how many points have been attributed to the house as a result of individual pupils' positive and negative behaviour incidents

Pupil Points
This shows the net total of points that have been attributed to the house as a result of individual pupils' behaviour incidents

Total (+ve) & Total (-ve)
These columns show the total number of positive and negative behaviour points attributed to each house

This column shows the grand total of behaviour points given to each house

You can click on the arrow next to each of the houses' names to see a breakdown of the points they have been issued with. These will be the incidents given directly to the house, not the incidents given individually to the pupils:


Adding and editing house points


To add or edit house points given to a house, first select the house you want to use by clicking on it. Next click the "Add" or "Edit" button from the top toolbar.

The description should be the name for the reason you are awarding points to the house i.e. Sports Day Awards. The points are the number of behaviour points that will be given to the house. If the incident is negative, you should give a negative number of points to the house.

House points can also be accrued when pupils individually receive behaviour incidents. When adding a behaviour incident there is a tickbox that defines whether or not the incident will also be included in the house point total:


For each outcome you can decide whether or not the default setting is to include the points in the house point total. This is done when configuring outcomes. This default can be overruled by staff providing they have the correct behaviour permission:

Prevent user from changing the default housepoint applicability of an incident.

Please see here for a list of permissions and what they do.

Deleting house points

Deleting house points is easy - first clickt he arrow next to a house so that you can see the behaviour awards given to it. Next select the award you want to delete, then click "Delete" from the top toolbar.


Show/hide deleted

When behaviour incidents given to houses are edited or deleted, copies of the original incidents are stored. You can view these incidents by clicking the "Hide/Show deleted" button from the top toolbar.


Behaviours that have been edited or deleted will be displayed in strikethrough, like this, and with a light blue background. You will be able to see when these incidents were modified and by which staff member.

True edit and fully delete

It is possible to edit or delete house behaviours so that no record is kept (see show/hide deleted, above).

To do this, select the behaviour that you want to modify. Once it is highlighted, click either the "True edit" or "Fully delete" button from the top toolbar - this will allow you to edit or delete the behaviour incident without leaving any trace.


If you click the "Report" button from the top toolbar, a report will open showing a behaviour breakdown for your houses. This report shows how many points pupils in each house have accumulated, and how many of those points have been attributed to their house.