Grading FAQ

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Set up heads of subjects for behaviour referrals and grade analyses

Most staff types, such as Head of House, Form Tutor, Head of Year and Head Teacher are configured in SIMS therefore you do not need to do any extra configuration in PARS. However Heads of Subject must be setup in PARS if you wish to send behaviour referrals to them, or for Heads of Subject to perform grading analyses via PARS Connect.

Heads of Subject can be configured using the instructions on this page.

There are pupils with no name on menus, registers, etc.

These are pupils who were expected to attend the school this year and had timetables etc. configured. They subsequently have not been admitted but have group memberships left in the database. To resolve this, log in to SIMS and go to:

Tools > Validate memberships

My Student review is not generating this new academic-year reports

Student reviews from last year may have been specific to that year and may no longer work this year. Please enter some grades for the new year and if you find a problem, email the Online Helpdesk with an OUTPUT.XML file containing the relevant data and also the review design that needs editing. Please allow a few weeks before the reports are due to go out for editing/testing.