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The grade preview page is used to look at individual pupils' grades. You can see what has been given and when the grades were entered, as well as adding comments if necessary.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Grading > Grade entry > Preview grades

The preview grades page

This page is broken into sections. There will be one section per group that a pupil has received grades in, such as their academic classes or form group. You may also see a "SIMS" section for grades configured in SIMS that are not linked to any subjects or groups.

Click on the different groups to expand them and see the grades within.


Entering comments

If you wish, you can add comments to any of the pupil's grades. These are normal grading comments and will be picked up in grade reports. You can enter free text by clicking in the text box next to each element, or use the comment bank by clicking the "Comment Bank" button to the right.