Grade authorisation

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Access grade authorisation

Grade authorisation is used to check grades and comments. Staff are able to view grades either for individuals or groups, then decide whether or not each grade is satisfactory. If grades are not satisfactory, they can be sent back to the staff member who recorded them.

Grade authorisation is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Grading > Grade authorisation

The grade authorisation page

Using the buttons on the top toolbar, you can click either "Issued in group" to select a group of pupils to examine, or "By person" to view all of a pupil's grades.


Each grade will have its own row, and you will be able to see comments if any have been recorded. Grades can be selected by clicking on them, and you can then decide which status to give to each grade using the buttons on the far right.

Icon Title Meaning
Authtick.jpg Authorised This grade is fine
Unauthcross.jpg Unauthorised You are not happy with this grade
Authnostatus.jpg Not looked at You have yet to examine this grade
Authreturned.jpg Returned This grade has been modified and is ready to be re-examined

Notifying staff

If you want to send notices to staff regarding their grades, you can use the buttons on the top toolbar. "Notice individual" will send a message to the staff member who recorded the grade that you have highlighted. "Notice all unauthorised" will send a notice to every staff member who recorded a grade that you have marked as unauthorised. You will then need to type a message to send.