Email Queue

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The Email Queue page

The Email Queue page shows a list of the emails that PARS has been instructed to send. Each email is shown with its current status. To access the email queue requires the following permission:
Contact management > View Email Queue (On)

Additionally if you want to view the status of emails sent by users other than yourself, the following permission is required:
Contact management > View emails sent by other users in the Email Queue(On)

The Email Queue page can then be accessed via:
Contact management > Email Queue

The page will show a list of the emails that PARS has been instructed to send, for the previous 14 days including today. You can view a different time period by clicking the Range button at the top of the page.

Each row represents one instruction for PARS to send emails, which may involve sending emails to multiple email addresses. Click the arrow button next to a row to expand that row and see the status of each email in that request. If an email has failed to send, you will see any relevant information beneath.

The Resend failed button will attempt to resend any failed emails that are shown on screen and are no more than 14 days old.