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Events is an additional module that allows students and parents to make bookings for events that they would like to attend. Examples include school plays and talent shows. Events is part of the parents evening additional module, which is a bundle that also includes student events and parents evenings.

As Events is an additional module of Insight, a separate charge applies. Please contact sales@tascsoftware.co.uk for further information.


The following role options are required to configure an Event:
Manage > Manage Events (On)

Creating an Event

File:Image:manage events1.jpg
The Manage Events page

To create a new Event go to:
Manage > Manage Events

Click the Add button at the top of the page. A window will open with four tabs. Enter a Title for the Event then go to the Details tab. Enter the date and time that the Event will take place.

This section explains how to create a one-off student event (e.g. the event only happens once and there are no related events). For Concurrent or Recurring events see the advanced configuration section below.

If you are allowing users to book seats then enter the number of rows and how many seats will be in each row. You can remove seats later if you want to leave a walkway in the middle, for example. If you do not want users to reserve specific seats then you should put all of the seats into a single row. This will disable seat booking.

The separate adult and junior option allows users to specify whether the seats they are booking are for children or adults. You will also need to specify the maximum number of reservations that can be made. This is either per user, or per child.

When the event is in design mode, it will be invisible to users. The booking status will make the event visible to parents and allow them to make bookings. The closed status will prevent users from making any further bookings to an existing event, although the event will not be hidden from users.

Finally you need to decide which pupils should be able to make bookings to the event. To do this, click the Students tab at the top of the window. Click the Select students button and select the relevant students.
If the event is available to all users then you do not need to select an invitees as the event will be public. Otherwise, click the add button and select some students. Only users who are linked to those students will be able to see and make reservations for the event.


From the Events page users can print their own tickets. The ticket tab is used to design the layout of the ticket. The following merge fields can be used:

Merge Field Meaning
{event} The name of the event
{seat} The grid location for the seat e.g. A5
{start} The date and start time together e.g. 31/03/2015 17:00
{date} The date of the event only
{time} The start time of the event

Advanced Configuration

Multiple events can be linked together. This could occur where there will be several performances of the school play on different days. Each user's maximum bookings will apply across all events, so a user might be able 2 seats to any one of the events, rather than 2 seats to each event.


Admin/Staff making Bookings

The Arrange Seating bit

To edit the layout of the seating, click the Arrange Seating Button.

Click on a seat to make it unavailable. Seats that have already been reserved will be highlight in dark grey. You can select options from the drop down menu to find out which people are sitting in any of the seats.

Parents/Students making Bookings

An event with seat reservations
An event with ticket booking

Parents and students require the following role options to make bookings for Student Events:
General > Events (On)

Events are used to allow users to reserve seats or places at school events, such as talent shows or school plays. Events are configured via the manage events page.

If multiple events are open for reservations then users will see a drop down at the top of the page which allows them to switch between the various events.

Events will either allow ticket-only reservations or seat reservations. Bookings are always allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. If seat reservations are allowed then seats reserved by other users will have black icons in them and seats reserved by the logged in user will have red icons.

If ticket printing is enabled, there will be a print button at the top-right of the page. Clicking this button will print the tickets. note that Insight does not support payment options so if the tickets are being sold, the user will still need to arrange payment with the school.

Running Reports

The following role options are required to report on Events:
Manage > Manage Events (On)

To access these reports go to:
Manage > Manage Events

First click on the Event that you would like to report on, then click the Reports button at the top right of the page. A list of bookings will be displayed ordered either by the name of the student or the seat number.