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The Subjects menu bar section showing two Linked Documents

The Subjects option in Insight will show some of a pupil's Linked Documents. These documents can be printed, downloaded or viewed online.

The Subjects section is accessed by clicking the Subjects option on the Insight Menu Bar (although Subjects can be renamed using the Roles page).


By default Insight will display all of the documents with a Type of AM Individual Report and a Status of Public in SIMS. Documents with a Status of Private or Confidential are never shown.

The Pupil Report option in SIMS

The following preference will prevent Parental Users from viewing the documents on this page unless they have the Pupil Report option enabled in SIMS:
Preferences > Reports > Use the SIMS Pupil Report field to decide whether to show reports (Off to show documents to all users)

The AM Individual Reports can be filtered so that only some are shown using the following Role Option. Enter one or more key words or phrases into this option. AM Individual Reports will only be included if their title matches any of the key words/phrases. Each key word/phrase should appear after a plus symbol. If there are multiple key words/phrases they should be separated by a pipe symbol (|).
Subjects > Report Documents filter
(For example, to filter out all AM Individual Reports that don't include either "Report" or "Assessment" you should enter +Report|+Assessment )

There are Role Options that can be used to hide documents which were uploaded to SIMS before or after a given date:
Subjects > Earliest date (Documents uploaded before this date will be hidden)
Subjects > Latest cutoff date (Documents uploaded after this date will be hidden)

General Documents

Documents where the Type is General Documents are not shown by default but can displayed. To show these documents, use the following Role Option. Enter one or more key words or phrases into this option. General Documents will be included if their title matches any of the key words/phrases. Each key word/phrase should appear after a plus symbol. If there are multiple key words/phrases they should be separated by a pipe symbol (|).
Subjects > Include general documents containing

(For example, to show all documents including either "UCAS" or "Application form" you should enter +UCAS|+Application form )
(If you would like to display all Linked Documents, enter a pipe symbol only into the Role Option)

PDF Documents

Some devices may not be able to display some document types correctly (this is very likely to be a problem for Insight app users trying to view XML documents). If reports have been generated in SIMS, the format of the documents may be XML. If this is the case, you may wish to convert your linked documents to PDF format which is generally more compatible.

There is a feature in Insight to batch convert Linked Documents to PDF format. This feature is accessed via:
Manage > Batch PDF processes

The Batch PDF Processes feature will not remove the old XML documents from SIMS, however they can be hidden from Insight using the following role option:
Subjects > Hide non-PDFs (On)

Additionally you can set a date for this begin. Any non-PDF documents uploaded earlier than this date will still be shown in Insight:
Subjects > only after


A report showing Attendance and the Feedback button

The student's attendance can be shown alongside each document if desired. The figure given for attendance uses the AM and PM sessions only (not lesson data). To enable this feature, use the following Role Option:
Subjects > Show attendance info (On)

Report Feedback

You can allow users to give written feedback about the reports and documents displayed in the Subjects section. The following Role Option needs to be enabled for users to do this:
Subjects > Allow feedback (On)

Any comments that have been added can be viewed on the Reports Viewed report (see Reports Viewed below).

Insight can also send an email to a nominated email address when Feedback is recorded for a document. To enable this feature, enter the email address into the following preference:
Preferences > Email > Send emails to these addresses when Report Feedback is entered

iSome configuration may be required for Insight to send emails. See the communication setup page for further information.

Grade Summary

The Grade Summary page

The Grade Summary shows a list of the student's grades from Assessment Manager. Grades are divided into their corresponding Result Sets.

The Grade Summary page is enabled using the following Role Option:
Subjects > Show grade summary (On)

The Grade Summary page is then accessed via:
Subjects > Grade Summary

The Grade Summary page cannot show grades from PARS (including SIMS Assessment Manager grades that have been pulled into PARS). Therefore if you wish to use the Grade Summary page you must import the desired grades from SIMS (see the Assessments page for more information).

You can limit the data shown on the Grade Summary page using the following Role Options:
Subjects > For these years
Subjects > For how many previous academic years
Subjects > Or specify other amounts for specific yeargroups
Subjects > Latest date

The For these years option is used to hide the entire Grade Summary page from students in certain year groups. Enter an asterix into this setting to show the Grade Summary page to all students, or enter specific year groups separate by a plus symbol e.g. 10+11

The For how many previous academic years

You can change the layout and display of the data using these options:

  • using gradeset descriptions
  • latest first - the alternative is oldest first
  • use _Personalisation\aspect.priorities file (higher priorities are listed higher on page. If aspect not specified in aspect.priorities, priority is treated as 0)

Have Reports/Documents been Viewed?

The Reports Viewed page showing which students' reports have been viewed by parents

Insight can display a report showing a list of students who have/have not had their documents viewed using the Subjects feature above. This report can also show any Feedback given relating to the documents.

The report is accessed via:
Reports > Reports Viewed

Select the Year groups and Date range that you would like to report on then click the Report button. The report will display the students separated into two groups; those whose reports have been viewed and those whose have not. Details about what kind of user (parent or student) viewed the report and how many times will appear in brackets after the student's name.

Once this list is shown at the bottom of the page, a Notice button will appear which can be used to send a notice to all of the Insight accounts that linked to students whose reports have not been viewed.

If users have given feedback about the reports, their responses can be viewed on the Feedback tab.